Hungerthon Testimonials

  • “I feel happier knowing I won't be hungry. My favorite part about the Weekend Backpack Program is the people that support us.”- Harmony, age 9
  • “When I'm hungry, I feel weird. I feel like I get angry because it takes so long for me to get food. After I bring home the backpack, I am happy because I know there is a snack if I get hungry. My favorite part about the backpack is bringing home the food because it gives me strength.” – Hayden, age 8
  • “When I'm hungry, I don't feel like learning. When I bring home food for the weekend, I feel happy. I want to share food with my sisters and my family. My family says nice things.”- SPS Student, age 6
  • “It was hard to have enough food for everybody. Now with the food bag, we have enough for the weekend.” – Sebastian, age 7
  • “It's very hard with not having a job and balancing four kids plus another one that will be here in just a few months. I really do want you thank you for helping us with the backpack program because every little bit helps. Thank you again.” – parent of Weekend Backpack student
  • “The backpack program has been great for Robberson, because it’s really helped our students and our families. Kids get excited when they get their food bags to go home. It’s a good resource for them. They don’t have to worry about what they’re going to eat or what their next meal’s going to be over the weekend. So it’s a great thing for our families.” – School counselor at Robberson Elementary, Springfield, MO