Austin Butler Reveals He Was Hospitalized After 'Elvis' Filming Wrapped

Photo: Getty Images

Austin Butler revealed some unfortunate details about his health when Elvis wrapped filming.

In a recent interview with GQ, Butler said he was hospitalized the day after he finished shooting the Elvis Presley biopic in March 2021.

"The next day I woke up at four in the morning with excruciating pain, and I was rushed to the hospital. My body just started shutting down the day after I finished Elvis," the 30-year-old heartthrob said. He said he was diagnosed with a virus that simulated appendicitis. He spent the next week bedridden.

Butler was initially cast for the role of Elvis Presley in the summer of 2019 — beating out Harry Styles for the role — but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed filming which was supposed to start in March 2020. The movie didn't wrap until March 2021.

He said he was fully immersed in his role, which contributed to the toll filming took on his body. "You can lose touch with who you actually are," Butler said about stepping into the role of Elvis. "And I definitely had that when I finished Elvis — not knowing who I was," he said.

Elvis had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this week and received a 12-minute standing ovation, according to Teen Vogue. You can catch the movie in theaters starting June 24.

Take a look at the Elvis trailer below:

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