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Queen Latifah is heading back to daytime television in the form of "The Queen Latifah Show."  On Thursday's "Late Show With David Letterman," she revealed how she was asked to host her own show. 

While the story about the mock-kidnapping was a joke, she says it would've been "kinda fun" if it had happened that way.  In actuality, she was asked about doing a daytime talk show after Oprah left daytime TV.  She explains that everyone was "clamoring" for the "next Oprah," and eventually turned to her.  While she admits that no personality could fill Oprah's shoes, she accepted the job.  Queen Latifah also dished the details about what to expect from "The Queen Latifah Show," which she classified as a talk show and variety show.  She says the show will not only feature celebrities, music and comedy, but will also show everyday people doing amazing things.  "The Queen Latifah Show" premieres on September 16th on CBS stations across the nation.  

Apart from her upcoming show, Queen Latifah is also hosting a two hour special about teachers Friday on CBS.  Titled "Teach," the show will follow the life of four school teachers throughout the school year.  The daughter of a school teacher herself, Queen Latifah says she learned that teachers nowadays are facing same problems her mother did, such as low wages and a lack of funds for school supplies.