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Katy Perry is revealing more about how her upcoming album Prism will be addressing her turbulent love life. 

In a new Billboard cover story, Katy speaks candidly about the few weeks after her marriage to Russell Brand came to an end in December 2011.  She says she wrote about that time in a song on Prism called "By The Grace Of God." Katy even reveals that at one point during the breakup, she had asked herself questions like "Do I want to endure?" and "Should I continue living?" 

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She also recalls how she was reprimanded by Barbara Walters when she showed up late for her "Most Fascinating People" interview that year.  Katy says Walters told her the only other person she'd ever waited for was Judy Garland, and added "You know how she turned out, right?" 

UPDATE: Barbara Walters responded to Katy's claim on 'The View' Monday. Hear what she had to say here:

Katy's new romance with John Mayer has a place on the new album as well.  John helped co-write a song called "Spiritual" on it, and also played guitar for another called "It Takes Two."  Katy also gives him credit for thinking up its title.  The singer says her new beau has been a source of inspiration for her music, calling him "a genius."  Prism comes out on October 22nd.