Refresh Your Work From Home Routine

When you are working from home, it's hard to separate your work and home life. The days can run together and your responsibilities can become blurred. It's sometimes difficult to focus and you miss your old daily routines. If you are still working from home and find yourself struggling, it's probably time to shake things up and refresh your work from home routine. Kourtney Whitehead, Senior Contributor at Forbes, has 4 helpful ideas to freshen things up in your home office:

  1. Reclaim your commute
  2. Give each week a theme
  3. Create a sensory experience
  4. Renegotiate your relationship with video

Check out the full story and a detailed explanation of these tasks at I found this article to be very helpful and I already am feeling more motivated today just by turning on some music!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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