Cocktail Inspired Cake

On rainy days, I like to bake. A friend of mine posted a recipe for a Strawberry Margarita cake and my mouth was watering just from looking at the pictures and the recipe. And then I started to think--wow, cake and cocktails. Two of my favorite things in one bite! It's a caketail! After a quick search it turns out that I'm not the first person to coin the term, but I did find several intoxicating recipes worth sharing. Cheers and happy baking!

Strawberry Margarita Cake--The perfect dessert for Taco Tuesday.

Oreo Baileys Cheesecake--A slice of this with a cup of coffee to finish the night. Yes please!

Pink Champagne Layer Cake--This recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of champagne. That leaves another 1 1/2 cups for you to sip while you bake.

Moscow Mule Cupcakes--By using ginger beer in this recipe, you can skip the eggs, oil, and water.

Rum Apple Cake--While Rum Cake might sound like an obvious "caketail" to make, the addition of apples takes it to the next level.

Red Wine Chocolate Cake--I was surprised this is actually a thing, but it is!

Peach Bourbon Cupcakes--These sound just peachy.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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