The Many Faces of Deviled Eggs

One of my FAVORITE Easter dinner menu items has to be the Deviled Egg. My mom's traditional recipe is the best, although I won't fight you if you feel the same way about your mom's recipe! There's a certain nostalgia that comes with eating a Deviled Egg and it's a delicious reminder of my childhood and past family gatherings. If you are a fan of eggs in general, there are a ton of ways to put a culinary twist on this family favorite.

Before you can create any of these delicious bites, you must hard boil and peel the eggs! This is not always an easy task. I received an Insta Pot as a gift for Christmas and quickly learned how to get the perfect hard boiled egg that's also easy to peel. If you've used your Insta Pot already, you've probably learned the same and you can move on to the recipes below! BUT if your Insta Pot is still in the box from Christmas because you're afraid to use it, get it out and hard boil some eggs! Click here for an easy guide to hard boil eggs in your Insta Pot from Taste of Home.

If you don't have an Insta Pot, you can stick with the tried and true method of boiling on the stove. My good ole Betty Crocker cookbook taught me to put the eggs in a saucepan, put enough water on top to cover the eggs by an inch, bring to a boil and then remove the pan from heat and cover for 15 minutes. Set the timer! Then remove the eggs and soak them in an ice water bath. The cold water stops the cooking process which helps keep them from turning green from overcooking. And the cold water also helps pull the membrane from the shell which makes peeling easier. I also run mine under cold water while peeling which seems to help.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Now for the recipes. Check out the video below from with 4 simple recipes, including the "just like mom makes them" traditional recipe. And if you are really inspired to get creative, Food Network is giving you 50 different ways to enjoy a deviled egg! No matter which route you take, make sure to take a minute to think back about all of your special family gatherings when there was always a tray of deviled eggs on the table.

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