Sam Smith Encourages Fans to Pick Up a Book Amid Social Distancing

Sam Smith is taking social distancing seriously — but they have some ideas for making it a bit more fun.

In a Twitter post uploaded Wednesday, the “How Do You Sleep?” singer revealed they’re planning to beat self-isolation by recording some music and posting it onto social media so that we can “all have a little sing-song together.”

“I’m going to sing and I’m going to play some songs and just record them,” they added. “I think it would be really, really nice. I think we all need it and, you know, in a time like this music is a really, really beautiful thing.”

Speaking from home wearing the white jersey of London’s Fulham Football Club, Smith also revealed that while they’re currently holed up with a headache and some allergies, they don’t believe they’re suffering from coronavirus and will be okay — although they’re planning to “stay inside just to be safe.”

In fact, like everyone who’s currently self-isolating, Smith’s biggest challenge is boredom.

“Please, please stay safe,” they added. “Drink loads of water. Read – even though I hate reading. I guess just try and do things that keep you busy. I think I might just watch TV to be quite honest right now, because I’m bored s—less.”

Some NSFW language in video:

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