Woman Goes Viral After Printing Resume On Cake

A woman has gone viral for a LinkedIn post about applying for a job recently.

 Karly Blackburn really wanted a job at Nike, so she printed her resume on a cake and sent it to the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Even better, she sent it on a day the headquarters was holding a party. “I knew navigating Nike’s large campus was a feat, but combining a giant party with tons of people on top of that adds another layer of complexity to this delivery.” 

Thankfully a trustworthy Insta-cart driver helped complete the task, Denise Baldwin. “I talked to Denise on the phone, and she said to me, ‘Karly, I know this is important to you, and I will do whatever it takes to get this cake to where it needs to be,’” Blackburn wrote on LinkedIn. Baldwin talked to TodayFood and explained how she navigated the HUGE Nike campus looking for the person to deliver the cake to.

“That’s just how I do my Instacart. Like every order I take, I take it as if I was putting groceries in my home or taking stuff to my spot or a family member that needs help,” she explained. “I take every order into consideration and make sure I do my best with every order. So I do have almost five stars Gold member, so I take pride in that, knowing that my customers are happy.”

After a search, Baldwin got to the party and found the employer Blackburn was hoping to send the resume to.

“I waited, and they called him down. It took a few minutes, and then he came down,” Baldwin explained, adding that she asked if he would take a picture with the cake for confirmation. “He said to me, ‘Oh, a cake, it’s too nice for me to cut it into.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, it’s, it’s pretty awesome the way she thought of putting her resume. It’s kind of what Nike needs: thinking out of the box and initiative ... "

Nike has not reached out to Today for a comment.

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