Hungerthon 2017 Child Testimonials

  • “It was hard to have enough food for everybody. Now with the food bag, we have enough for the weekend.” – Sebastian, age 7
  • “Thank you for the food bag. Now my family never runs out of food. Now I can have food to eat for supper, lunch and breakfast. And how my family is happy. Thank you!” –Josh, age 8
  • “I'm thankful for the [backpack] because it really helped me and my family. Me and my family is very happy now that we get the [backpack] instead of asking other people for money. You guys really helped out with me and my family. Thank you for all the food you gave to us.” –Matthew, age 9
  • “Thank you for the healthy food. If I didn’t have the food, I would be very sad because I would be hungry. Thank you! I'm healthy because of the food.” –Brooke, age 10
  • “My dad's money from work goes to bills, and the food bags give my family food for each week. I'm thankful for the food bags. Thank you!” –Emily, age 11



Hungerthon is an annual fundraiser for the Weekend Backpack Program at Ozark Food Harvest


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