100 Ways to Spend Your Summer Days

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As we kick off summer this Memorial Day weekend, it feels a little different this year. But that doesn't mean summer is over before it began! Plans may have changed but there is plenty of fun ahead with a little planning and creativity. We are blessed in the Ozarks with beautiful lakes, rivers, campgrounds and hiking trails all around us. We have an awesome parks system to enjoy. And this is the perfect time to connect with your family. I read this article about 100 things to do this summer and found some great ideas! The best tip I found--make your own list with your kids. What a great way to find out what they are thinking and wishing for, and to also tap into the creativity that only a child can have! Have a Birthday Cake Night. Go on a picnic. Make your own candles! And if you don't have kids or are looking for some ideas for some solo time, this list covers it too! Learn a new language. Use that piece of kitchen equipment collecting dust in the back of your cabinet. Dance! There are also some great suggestions for giving back which is always good for the soul. Check out the complete list at www.cnn.com

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