We know Jeremy Rabe has a talent for designing beautful home decor from inexpensive items, but we REALLY tried to stump him this morning!  We gave him: a laundry basket, gardening gloves, a jump rope, cupcake liners, raffia and pipe cleaners, and we challenged him to create something beautiful.  WOW, he rose the challenge!  He created this beautiful spring wreath and it's so pretty!!!!

Jeremy will also be at the KGBX Women's Show on Saturday!  Watch FYIGUY.com, Jeremy Rabe, on the My Hot Yoga Main Stage at 11:45 am. 

Read more: http://www.kgbx.com/onair/cheryl-kaye-clint-49272/fyi-guy-jeremy-rabe-on-friday-mornings-show-12085460/#ixzz2ty2SlWRw